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Called for IV insertion

Monday, January 5th, 2009

iv-class-034 I was called the other night to insert and IV (intravenous) insertion. The patient really needed an IV so that the Induction of labor be started. The staff of the Lying In Clinic were not successful of inserting an IV so they called me up. I was almost ready to sleep when I received the call. I am very much willing to help them when they need to. I was praying that God would bless my hand to let me insert the dextrose successfully in just one poke. It felt a little bit stress because, somehow I doubted myself a little though I already done many insertions. I do not want to poke the patient twice since the patient had been poke like thrice with their try. It would be so shameful if I do not do it successful since they expected me to make it. I really prayed hard that God will help me with it. God answered my prayers. I did it successful in just one try. To God be the glory.

Baby your back

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

back-pain Most of us experiences back pains. It is not fun to have them. Delivering babies sometimes made my back hurts. So we need to baby our back and give them a break.
If you’re a working adult, the odds are fifty-fifty that you’ll suffer back trouble. To help you avoid this wrenching experience, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine recommends the following back-saving strategies on the job:
• Alternate between sitting and standing. When sitting, rest your feet flat on the floor, and use a chair with good back support. When standing for prolonged periods, rest one foot on a low stool.
• As you lift heavy objects, hold them close to your chest; bend your knees, not your back; and reposition our entire body rather than twisting or reaching as you lift.
• Split heavy loads into smaller loads, and get help when an object is too heavy or awkward to lift by yourself.
• To help protect your back overnight – or whenever you lie down – use a firm mattress, and lie on your back or side, not on your stomach.
• When driving, adjust the seat to keep your knees level with your hips, sit up straight with both hands on the wheel, and use a lumbar support for your lower back. Keep vehicles in good repair to minimize vibration. Take frequent rest breaks to change position and stretch.

The Journey to well-being starts with a few simple steps

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

In my field of work, I usually get tired almost after every shift. Delivering babies is not easy. It takes all your energy especially when births have complications. I always remember, I don’t have to take fatigue lying down. There are many ways I can fight back: Eat a balanced diet. Get enough sleep as possible. Exercise regularly by walking or jogging each day. Have a positive attitude. And take multivitamins daily. It won’t just get me back on my feet. It made me feel like the world is at my feet.

Comfort and prevention of colic

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I usually do health teaching on the parents about comfort and prevention of colic before discharging them. Soothing a colicky baby takes some effort as different babies respond differently. “ Holding the baby upright or permitting the baby to lie on his belly across the lap occasionally.” And, yes, swaying and rocking them may also do the trick, and so may a quick car trip around the block. To prevent colic, Laborada advises the following:

• Shift to a hypoallergenic milk formula if the cause is milk allergy. Check with the baby’s doctor first.
• Improve feeding techniques: burp the baby well. Burp the baby in between feeding and at the end of each feeding and provide a stable emotional environment.
• Identify possible allergenic foods in infant’s or nursing mother’s diet.
• Avoid underfeeding or overfeeding.If crying is still persistent and recurrent, you’re not sure what to do, and all else fails, consult a pediatrician. A complete physical examination may be necessary to eliminate other possible medical conditions like infection, intestinal obstruction, or hernia.

The midwife

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Aside from being a nurse, I am also a midwife. I have some collections of medical novels and books.
My midwife friend told me that I should read this book entitled THE MIDWIFE by Gay Courter. Finally I found it in a small bookshop. A novel that I can relate with. This is not an ordinary book for me because I myself is a midwife. I have been looking for this book for a long time. This is a surging powerful and poignant novel of a courageous and dedicated woman, and of many people whose lives she touched, will move you to tears – tears of pain and sorrow – tears of pride and joy. I really like it.

It is a story of a young beautiful midwife who was driven by a passion to help other women bring their babies safely into the world. Every expectant mother she attended, from Russian noblewomen to prostitutes, revealed to her the perils and triumphs of her profession. She fought savage religious prejudice to gain medical training. She fought her own doubts and fears as she plunged into a forbidden love affair and an even more odds facing a Jewish immigrant and the bitter hostility of male doctors in turn-of-the country New York. She fought her burning dreams and desires. She fought and she won. A ‘must read’ book. It recreates a whole world of striving, of love, of lust, of life, death and birth.

Reinvents the Medical thriller

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Being a nurse gives me the passion to read medical novels. I really like to read Medical novels since I can relate it. For the past few years, I have been collecting medical pocketbooks.

One the books that I like is called NATURAL CAUSES by Michael Palmer. It is about a certain doctor races to a hospital with a young woman whose normal labor has suddenly become a matter of life and death. As she struggles to save both mother and baby, she doesn’t know that two other women have already died under horrifying identical circumstances. And so it begins her own nightmare, as she learns that the prenatal herbal vitamins she prescribed are the only thing these three women have in common. Soon she is fighting to save her career, her reputation – her life. For she’s certain there must be some unknown factor linking these women, and as she gets closer to the truth, it becomes clear that someone will do anything even murder to keep a devastating secret.

This book is one of the most thrilling book I ever read. As Library Journal commented, “ It reinvents the medical thriller.”