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Mother’s Day

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

To our beautiful,smiling, supportive and the best mother on earth happy Mothers Day ma! Thank you for everything ma for raising us well, we 7 children! Naglisud ko na isa ra akong anak how much more saimu 7 mi tz doremi..hehe thank you for all the love, care and for being the strongest mom for all of us! We are so grateful you are our mother! We love you so much! Our home is not a home without you! kron na dagko nami its our turn to give you what you deserve with papa! Happy Mothers Day:)

A Picture of me and mom when I was 5months pregnant with my unica hija:)

Passion for people in South Sudan

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

To see our dear sister published in one publication outside the Philippines is a big honor to us, her family and gives a good impact to our country about Filipino nurse-midwife working in the third world country, not only that, they also sent a letter and card of appreciation to our parents for ate’s excemptional service to the people lives in south Sudan, especially in helping pregnant mothers gave births. Lots of baby named after her (Lorelee) as their way of honoring ate’s care for them and to their little ones..we are so proud of you te..

This is the booklet that they sent to us, the front cover is the picture of Dr. Brantly, the Ebola survivor, he is Ate’s co-staff in Samaritan’s purse International relief. God bless SP team. Continue serving in Jesus wonderful name! Lord spare them from Ebola especially my sister in that place, wrap them with your precious blood. Amen!

7th Birth Handle 02/20/99

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Evangeline M., 31 y,.o, G8P8, delivered baby boy “Jade” at 6:55am, 3317 grms, apgar score 8/9, 700cc EBL, baby both hands and feet stick together. Delivered by LP, AO, JU, Kate G. # 1684

Evangeline came in 9+ cm and just few minutes after, she delivered her baby fast. Baby’s hands and feet were syndactyl. She was bleeding and the placenta still attached to the uterus so the placenta was removed manually. She did great. She had a 1st degree laceration that there is no need to suture.

6th Birth Handle 02/10/99

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Meriam Judith M., 34 y.o, G1P1 delivered baby girl “Dhave” at 3:20 pm, 3000 grms
apgra score 9/9, long labor and long pushing, delivered by LP, AO, DD, Kate G. # 1682

Meriam is an old primi. She did so great although she had a long labor and she pushed for 2 hours and 30 mins. All birth positions were done. She had a full bladder and she can’t pee so I catheterized her just before she had her baby and we got a 1000cc urine output. The baby’s was crowning for a long time. The baby came out crying loud. Placenta was out at 3:37 pm. She had a 1st degree laceration and DD and I sutured.
1st stage = 31 hr 00 min
2nd stage = 02 hr 30 min
3rd stage = 17 min
Total admission = 12 hr 37 min

3rd Birth Handle 01/24/99

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Emma B., 30 y.o, G3P3, delivered baby boy “Lemuel” at 01:54 am, apgar score 9/10, 150cc EBL, delivered by LP, GE, JU. # 1643

Emma had a very nice and easy birth although she had a long labor. She did great.The placenta was out 46 min after the baby as out but she did not bled and had no laceration. The couple was so happy for they were praying for a baby boy. Lemuel is the first baby boy in the family.
1st stage = 25 hr 29 min
2nd stage = 04 min
3rd stage = 46 min
Total admission = 04 hr 40 min

1st Birth Handle 01/17/99

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Carol N, 24 y.o, G1P1, delivered baby boy “John Rodel” at 02:48p, apgar score 9/10, 200 cc EBL, long pushing with thick meconium stain delivered by LP, JJ, AT. # 1629

This is my first birth handle. I was very excited but at the same time I was kind of a little bit scared. I was so thankful that the birth team was very supportive of me. The patient was pushing for a long time and did all the position possible to help the baby to come out. AT did push up the cervical lip. She managed it and I took over when the baby’s head was already almost crowing. Finally the baby was out with thick meconium stain and was suctioned with suction machine. The placenta was out after 7 minutes. She had a 2nd degree laceration that AT and I sutured. It was a great birth although it was a hard one.
1st stage = 8 hrs 30 min
2nd stage = 54 min
3rd stage = 07 min
Total admission = 4 hrs 54 min

Busy shift

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I am the only supervisor left in the birth room because all of the other staff and students were out for the graduation ceremony. I worked with people that I do know except for one. We were six of us but only one who has experience how to deliver babies. It was a little bit of hard because I don’t know the people that I am working with. But everyone was doing their best to work and take care of the patients. There were 2 labors and postpartum patients endorsed to us. I delegated the 2 labors. One patient delivered normally after a long time of pushing. The other one had BOW rupture with no progress so she was transported right before the shift change. Then there was a patient who came in active labor with the urge to push. I was the next up so I delivered the baby. She delivered her baby 5 minutes after arriving at the clinic. The baby was crying but was very blue for how many minutes. We administered oxygen to him and suctioned but still continued to be cyanotic all over the body. We were about to transport the baby to the hospital but after few minutes the baby’s color slowly became pinkish. It was a very weird situation because the baby was crying loudly. He was breastfeeding good. Then after that there was no episode where the baby became cyanotic. Before discharging them, I advised the parents to check their baby with a doctor to make sure that everything is normal in his heart. The patient came after 3 days for the baby check-ups and said that the baby had a check up with the paediatrician and everything is well.6/09/09

For the first time

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I worked clinic today. I was at home. I woke up 5am to travel back to the place I work. I was very tired because of helping and assisting my sister’s wedding yesterday. My feet really hurt from standing for a long time. I was glad that I was able to sleep in the bus. There were a lot of new patients came for their initial prenatal check ups. One patient made me laugh. There is a question in the form that asks about the family planning used. She wrote there they used contraceptive pills and add a comment that says “our family plans to save money to build our own house”. For 10 years of working, it was my first time to encounter that answer.6/29/09

High FHT

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

I am on night shift today. I had time to rest and celebrate my friend’s birthday at their house before my shift. I was able to sleep about 3 hours before working. I felt refreshed and ready for the night. There was only one continuity patient endorsed to us from the swing shift. It was a Serena’s patient. She was not on shift but it was her patient so she will be taking care of the patient. The patient was 3 cm when the IE was done. An hour before our shift began, the baby’s heartbeat started to go up to more 160 per minute. The normal range of FHT is 120-160. The patient was monitored frequently but there were times the heart rate reached to 197, 180s. We administered oxygen to the patient and inserted an IVF (intravenous fluids) and put the patient on left side lying. Even after all the things we did still the FHT still high. It is called fetal tachycardia. The patient’s bag of water was already broken just few hours ago with meconium stain. When there is already a meconium staining, it means the baby is in some degree of distress. So we decided to transport the patient to the hospital. The patient was transported about 11:30pm.
After that action, we slept until 20 minutes before endorsement.
The next day, the patient informed Serena through text that she delivered normally and that the baby was doing well. Thanks God. 7/01/09

Working on Independence day

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Today is our Independence Day. I worked swing shift with Ana, Serena, Stefanie. I received a labor who is G1P0 whose Bow was already leaking. She was advised to do nipple stimulation to induce contractions and to take castor oil. Serena transported 2 labor patients to the hospital because of breech position of the baby and the other one was already overdue. Ermie was so nice to do my remaining 3 hours of work in order for me to go home. I arrived home at 1opm.6/12/09