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Busy shift

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I am the only supervisor left in the birth room because all of the other staff and students were out for the graduation ceremony. I worked with people that I do know except for one. We were six of us but only one who has experience how to deliver babies. It was a little bit of hard because I don’t know the people that I am working with. But everyone was doing their best to work and take care of the patients. There were 2 labors and postpartum patients endorsed to us. I delegated the 2 labors. One patient delivered normally after a long time of pushing. The other one had BOW rupture with no progress so she was transported right before the shift change. Then there was a patient who came in active labor with the urge to push. I was the next up so I delivered the baby. She delivered her baby 5 minutes after arriving at the clinic. The baby was crying but was very blue for how many minutes. We administered oxygen to him and suctioned but still continued to be cyanotic all over the body. We were about to transport the baby to the hospital but after few minutes the baby’s color slowly became pinkish. It was a very weird situation because the baby was crying loudly. He was breastfeeding good. Then after that there was no episode where the baby became cyanotic. Before discharging them, I advised the parents to check their baby with a doctor to make sure that everything is normal in his heart. The patient came after 3 days for the baby check-ups and said that the baby had a check up with the paediatrician and everything is well.6/09/09