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Soon to leave

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

So excited to transfer in my assignment soon from a clerk at PHIC to nursing department. For how many years I waited for this time and suddenly it was offered to me. It’s amazing. If I did my job well right now,  as a nurse in profession and a desired job I know I can give much of my abilities and skills therefore I can work well effectively.

Talented child

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

I really love my daughter and acknowledging that she is gift from God. She’s very pretty and talented. She likes singing and dancing. Some people commented that her talent is worldly. Sorry for all of you guys. I wont believed that for every talent bestowed is a gift and from God alone and we need just to develop and share to others.

Proper nourishment

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

The greatest desire of every parent is to raise and grow their children in healthiest way possible. Our parents provided our basic needs especially foods for our proper nutrition. I remember when I was young my mother was preparing our food early in the morning making us sure that we’ll only eat nutritious food at school. She doesn’t want us to buy and eat junk foods like other mother does. Now that I am old, I can say that I am healthy and properly nourished with the help of my mother.

In College where I studied nursing, I was educated that proper nourishment has a higher chance to have higher scholastic achievement which I also believed because when I took my board exam, I took it just once and I haven’t had a hard time. After passing the board exam I was looking for a job that must be fit to my background and education. God answered and now I am connected to government as NARS which mean Nurses Assign in Rural services. It was very fulfilling because I was assigned in a rural health center and remote areas where health care is not accessible. Our focus was for proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle of the whole village. One day when I had my lectures about proper nutrition and came to a discussion about Thermogenics. It was amazing and fulfilling that you work, you earn and the same time you help people by educating them the right nutrition and encourage them to plant fruits and vegetables in their backyards. Later I was invited to be as guest speakers in different villages during their nutrition month celebrations.

A prayer of thanks giving and unity for Mankilamenous

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Dear Lord, We draw near to your presence, with thanksgiving from our hearts for all the things you have done in our lives. We thank you for your sustaining grace, love and care for us for things seems not favorable to us. We pray for a divine intervention especially for these newly elected in the local officials of our barangay. We pray for wisdom and strength as they continue to serve us. We pray also father for the out going barangay officials that as they depart from their office to the place you called, we pray for them that father you will give them a humbled heart to accept everything and to let them know that they can still continue to serve the constituents in other ways. Honor and glory belongs to you, in Jesus name we pray amen.