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My experience as a patient

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

I was so grateful that the hospital’s nurses and doctor were so nice with me. I was asked what is wrong with me. I told the nurse that I am having a severe pain in my left flank area and that I have a scanty urination. I was requested to have a urinalysis. So I did pee a little just enough for the U/A. while waiting, the pain still making me vomit. I vomited twice at the hospital. I ask the doctor to gave me a pain reliever because I cannot handle the pain anymore.

The doctor told the nurse to give a diclofenac – a pain reliever IM. But I informed the doctor that I am allergic to it. She asked me if I tried Ketorolac – another kind of pain reliever. I haven’t tried that one yet so I do not know if I am allergic to it. So I was injected in my right deltoid muscle. It was painful. Now I felt what my patients feel when I inject them. After about 15 minutes I felt medication took effect already. I was so glad. But my eyes started to be itchy. I thought I was just imagining it but after 5 minutes, my eyes started to swell. I immediately inform the nurse about it and the nurse informed the doctor. When the doctor saw my swollen eyes, she was so surprised. She then realized that I was not kidding when I told them about my allergy. It seems that they took my history lightly. She prescribed me with antihistamine caplet. While my mom went out and buy those, my eyes swollen to the max like a Garfield in front of the doctor. She immediately ordered antihistamine IM. So I was injected with Diphenhydramine. My mom can’t buy ice anywhere so the doctor tried to find an ice for me. She is so sweet and nice of her for finding an ice for me.

The doctor wanted me to be admitted for at least 24 hours just to observe as to what extent my allergies go. But I felt good with no chest pains and the pain in my left side was very minimal. I decided to just go home and just be back anytime if there will be a problem. I signed that I went home against medical advice. It was not that I am a hard-headed person but I felt so great and there is no point of staying in the hospital. I was confident to go home because I was already injected with antihistamine. So we went home. I still had cold compress on my eyes until I slept.

MICU orientation schedule

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I learn today that our hospital MICU orientation will be in two weeks. I thought it would be sooner. I think I am just excited. It is okay though I still have time to study and review some nursing procedures and common diseases in the Medicine ICU. At the same time I can do the things I needed to do because I know when I start the training I only have limited time. For now, I list all the things that need to be done.

Excited for MICU training

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

In the next two weeks my training in MICU (Medicine Intensive care unit). I am very excited and at the same time kind of nervous as to what to do. This will be my first exposure to that unit. I know this is one of the busiest and toxic nursing units in the hospital. I am very excited to learn and to care for sick patients. I know in the beginning I need to observe, learn and familiarize things. At first, I think I will feel like it seems as though there is an endless stream of emergent situations that crop up in the unit, may be sometimes it clearly in response to some prior event, sometimes all by themselves, and they can be genuinely terrifying. Experienced ICU nurses may be a lot more nervous than a newbie trainee nurse simply because they know what to be afraid of. A key rule of ICU: any patients is capable of doing anything at any time. I know where to put myself though. When there will be cases that needs an experience then I need to call the experienced ICU nurse and I need to back up myself and let them do what is needed to be done. I can help them handing the things they needed. In that case, I should be a keen observer so if that case will happen again I know what to do. It is good to know that later on in my training I will improve and function or do what the unit staff do. I cannot wait for that time.

I passed the Nurse Qualifying exam

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Few days after the said exam, I called to follow up if the Hospital Human Resource posted the names who passed the exam. I went to the hospital to follow up about it. When I looked at their cork board it is not posted yet. Just in time the Head nurse III came out from their room and I inquired about. She told me to just go inside and ask her secretary who is not finish checking the test papers. I was so lucky that my test paper was checked first. I passed.. yeheahh!!!! I am so grateful and thankful for God answered my prayers. I remember some of the questions : How many liters of Oxygen of nasal cannula? It is 1-6 liters. There was also a IV calculation about the drops per minute. I forgot the exact question but all I know was that I know how to calculate. It is easy if you memorized the formula which is Total volume X drop factor over time in minutes.
I was advised to call them few days after to know the day of orientation. I am very excited…

A new perspective

Friday, December 12th, 2008

I am delivering many babies in the past 9 years. I really loved it. But just lately, my passion changed. I want to work and help with sick people. I want to have a new experience in other areas of nursing. I missed working in the hospital. So I think it is time for me to take another step of faith. I am very excited at the same time, I am kind of nervous because I will be in a new environment and will be working with new people. It would be a huge adjustment for me. I know I will be fine and I can do it with God’s help. I already applied for the Nurse Training Program in a certain hospital. I will take the Qualifying exam next week. If I pass I will start the training this February 2009.