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Birth story #5

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

4/28/00 – 115th birth handled (294 present birth)

I was on night shift. Loudeliza, 33 y.o, G5P5, was endorsed to me from Ana. I did an IE at 7:02pm, she was only 2 cm. After the IE her contractions peaked up. There are many cases that a IE stimulates contractions that is why it is not advisable to do an IE with premature labor.

She was on her active labor. I advised her to deep breath and relax and lie on her left side because she had a borderline high BP 140/94. At 9:49pm, she was already 4-5 cm, 80% effaced, +1 station, with IBOW (intact bag of water.

At 10:020pm, she was 9cm and wanted to push I did an AROM which helped the baby’s head down, with moderate meconium stain. I held up the cervical lip while she started pushing. She was fully but the FHT (fetal heart tones) went down so we gave her an oxygen and the FHT peaked up. At 10:34pm a big baby boy “Lourd Artem” was born with Apgar score of 7/9, we suctioned and stimulated the baby to cry. He responded well. He weighed 850grms./8.8 lbs.

The placenta was out at 10:38pm. She only lost 200cc of blood. We gave the patient a 10 “u” pitocin as prophylaxis because considering she is multipara and had a big baby, she had a high risk for bleeding.
Present at birth: me, Grace E, JJ & Celeste C
1st stage – 18 hrs 30 mins
2nd stage – 15 mins
3rd stage – 04 mins
Admitted – 3 hrs 40 mins

I passed the Nurse Qualifying exam

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Few days after the said exam, I called to follow up if the Hospital Human Resource posted the names who passed the exam. I went to the hospital to follow up about it. When I looked at their cork board it is not posted yet. Just in time the Head nurse III came out from their room and I inquired about. She told me to just go inside and ask her secretary who is not finish checking the test papers. I was so lucky that my test paper was checked first. I passed.. yeheahh!!!! I am so grateful and thankful for God answered my prayers. I remember some of the questions : How many liters of Oxygen of nasal cannula? It is 1-6 liters. There was also a IV calculation about the drops per minute. I forgot the exact question but all I know was that I know how to calculate. It is easy if you memorized the formula which is Total volume X drop factor over time in minutes.
I was advised to call them few days after to know the day of orientation. I am very excited…