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When we were young

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

I could still remember those times when we were still young living in a peaceful countryside, very simple living, no traffic, no pollution, only dust brought buy moving vehicles that will pass in our rough road. We are seven siblings with only one or two years gap, we are just like do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do! Haha yes we are like that! I don’t really have an idea how our parents raise us all. Because of the work of our father we decided to moved here in the city. From the our life has changed! Living in the city is really different that living in a countryside but of course both has advantages and disadvantages! We really witnessed how hard life to us that is why we really have the desire to finish our study and somehow help our parents in terms of financial needs. Yes life was so hard to us! But look at us now? Four of us are now professionals and had a good work! Mom and dad got a petition to the US by my sister and now enjoying their first white Christmas ever! Because of them we have a wonderful life now and we owe it all to them and to God for allowing these things to happened in our family. Now our older sister in one of the major sponsor in our local church and donated a lot of musical instruments, specifically, a fender electric guitar with fender guitar tuner, organ, microphones and drums. While my other sister also used by God to build our concrete church from a temporary shelter made of wood through her husband. God is using us differently in His ministry and this is all because of Him.

Now our parents are getting old already, Its so hard to see them suffer with some minor health problem brought by aging! Our wish for them long life, good health as they will continue striving with these so called life. They plan to be back here next year and we are so much excited to hug our precious parents again. What a great reunion it will be.

God gave His son

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

While singing I was reminded of God’s love that He bestowed upon us. First when he gave His own begotten son, died at the cross for you and me, when God said that we just need to believe and accept Him as our personal savior and Lord. By faith we may obtain eternal life in heaven. That’s exactly I did, and you must also did the same. Our every day’s life challenges and victory remind us of his unfailing love. We should worship Him.