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Proper method in bathing baby

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

sweethearts-picture-035 Before I let the fathers bath their babies, I usually teach them first the proper method.
The following describes the correct way to bathe your baby:
* Washing baby’s face : Use cotton ball dipped in clean water to wash your baby’s face. Use a new piece for each eye and gently wipe from the inner corner of the eye outwards. Wipe around the mouth and clean the rest of your baby’s face, stroking from the middle downwards. Don’t put anything inside the ears.
* Washing baby’s hair: Wrap the baby in a towel and hold him over the tub, supporting his head with your hand and his body with your arm. Gently wet baby’s hair with your free hand and apply a small amount of Clinically Proven Mild Cleaner which is specially formulated not to sting baby’s eyes. Massage the scalp gently and don’t use you fingernails while doing so. Make sure that your baby’s hair is rinsed well, to remove all soap residue.
* Washing baby’s body: Unwrap the towel from baby’s body but keep hi head covered with one portion of the towel if it is cold. Remove his diaper and test the bather water once more with the inside of your wrist. If diaper is spoiled, clean baby’s bottom first before placing him inside the tub. Hold the baby securely and place him in the tub once he is in the water you can let go of his feet, but you should always keep hold of his arm. Always wash baby form front to back. Massage baby’s skin to remove all residue.

Bathing a baby

Friday, November 14th, 2008

100_2136I like bathing babies. Many times I let the fathers do the bathing of thier newborn babies. I really like teaching them how so that at home they will be the ones to bath their babies. I think that it is fair enough that fathers take care of that aspect. Their wives did all the work pushing their babies out. They deserve to have adequate rest and sleep. I usually tell the fathers that since babies are very fragile, they need to take every precaution in ensuring their baby’s comfort and safety. Some helpful reminders are :

• Choose a place to bathe the baby where it is warm and draft-free. It would be better if you keep the windows closed.
• See to it that baby’s bath time happens before feeding or when he’s not too hungry yet. Bathing him right after feeding may make him uncomfortable and he may spit up.
• Make sure that everything you need in bathing baby is close at hand, such as towels, cotton tips, a soft washcloth or sponge, a changing mat, clean baby clothes, and bathing products.
• To ensure that the water’s temperature is mild enough for baby, test the temperature of the bath water with the inside of your wrist first. To further prevent accidental burns, pour cold water in the tub.
• Always hold baby securely.
• Most importantly, never leave your baby alone.

Helful tips in bathing baby

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

It is very true that one of the best bonding times with the baby is bathing time. Bath time is a good opportunity for you and your baby to bond and get to know each other. Let your baby feel safe and secure in your hands and choose only the mildest bath soap products. To help you do it correctly, remember these guidelines.
• Choose a place that’s warm and draft-free.
• Test the water’s temperature.
• Always hold your baby securely
• Never leave your baby alone