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9th Birth Handle 02/06/99

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Melinda O., 21 y.o, G1P1, delivered baby boy at 12:39 am., apgar score 9/9, 5.12 lbs., 390cc EBL, delivered by LP, AO, AT, Kate G., with patient’s husband. # 1664

Melinda did great with her labor and birth. The husband was so worried about her. I kept on encouraging them to not to worry because everything is doing well. When I did an IE I felt two cervical opening. It was kind of weird but she delivered her baby with no problems.

8th Birth Handle 02/24/99

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Melanie J., 22 y.o, G3P3, delivered baby boy “Kristian” at 2:54 am, 2700 grms, 70 cc EBL, apgar score 9/9, delivered by LP, GE, AT with patient’s husband. # 1693

Melanie had a great birth. She did so well. The baby came out with no problems. The placenta was out at 3:02 am with no bleeding and with no laceration. It was a wonderful birth.
1st stage = 20 hr 00 min
2nd stage = 09 min
3rd stage = 08 min
Total admission = 01 hr 02 min

7th Birth Handle 02/20/99

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Evangeline M., 31 y,.o, G8P8, delivered baby boy “Jade” at 6:55am, 3317 grms, apgar score 8/9, 700cc EBL, baby both hands and feet stick together. Delivered by LP, AO, JU, Kate G. # 1684

Evangeline came in 9+ cm and just few minutes after, she delivered her baby fast. Baby’s hands and feet were syndactyl. She was bleeding and the placenta still attached to the uterus so the placenta was removed manually. She did great. She had a 1st degree laceration that there is no need to suture.

5th Birth Handle 02/10/99

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Florlyn M., 28 y.o, G2P2, delivered baby boy “ “Georyl” at 2:43am, 3289 grms, apgar score 8/9, 150 cc EBl, delivered by LP, VG, DD, with patient’s sister. # 1674

I really admired Florlyn because she did so well. She was always smiling although her labor. She accompanied by her sister Berna. The placenta was out at 2:48am with only minimal blood loss. She had a 1st degree laceration though that DD sutured.
1st stage = 10 hr 25 min
2nd stage = 18 min
3rd stage = 05 min
Total admission = 05 hr

2nd Birth Handle 01/22/99

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Leila N. 26 y.o, G2P2, delivered baby girl “ Hannah Paula”at 01:43am, a small baby, , apgar score 8/9, 250cc, with hemoglobin of 9. delivered by LP, ZG, AT, with patient’s mom. # 1637

Liela came in the clinic fully and the BOW was already ruptured clear. The baby was out after 13 minutes. The baby was given free-flow oxygen due to cyanosis but the color pinked up after few seconds. I was very fast birth with no complications. She has a 1st degree laceration that needed no suturing. It was good she did not hemorrhage considering she was very anemic. She just lost a very minimum amount of blood at birth.
It was a very exciting birth. Liela has a twin sister that I got to see. They really looked alike. After few months we visited them at their house and Leila cut my hair. It was fun.
1st stage = 3 hr 35 min
2nd stage = 54 min
3rd stage = 07 min
Total admission = 4 hr 54 min

1st Birth Handle 01/17/99

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Carol N, 24 y.o, G1P1, delivered baby boy “John Rodel” at 02:48p, apgar score 9/10, 200 cc EBL, long pushing with thick meconium stain delivered by LP, JJ, AT. # 1629

This is my first birth handle. I was very excited but at the same time I was kind of a little bit scared. I was so thankful that the birth team was very supportive of me. The patient was pushing for a long time and did all the position possible to help the baby to come out. AT did push up the cervical lip. She managed it and I took over when the baby’s head was already almost crowing. Finally the baby was out with thick meconium stain and was suctioned with suction machine. The placenta was out after 7 minutes. She had a 2nd degree laceration that AT and I sutured. It was a great birth although it was a hard one.
1st stage = 8 hrs 30 min
2nd stage = 54 min
3rd stage = 07 min
Total admission = 4 hrs 54 min

Birth story #5

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

4/28/00 – 115th birth handled (294 present birth)

I was on night shift. Loudeliza, 33 y.o, G5P5, was endorsed to me from Ana. I did an IE at 7:02pm, she was only 2 cm. After the IE her contractions peaked up. There are many cases that a IE stimulates contractions that is why it is not advisable to do an IE with premature labor.

She was on her active labor. I advised her to deep breath and relax and lie on her left side because she had a borderline high BP 140/94. At 9:49pm, she was already 4-5 cm, 80% effaced, +1 station, with IBOW (intact bag of water.

At 10:020pm, she was 9cm and wanted to push I did an AROM which helped the baby’s head down, with moderate meconium stain. I held up the cervical lip while she started pushing. She was fully but the FHT (fetal heart tones) went down so we gave her an oxygen and the FHT peaked up. At 10:34pm a big baby boy “Lourd Artem” was born with Apgar score of 7/9, we suctioned and stimulated the baby to cry. He responded well. He weighed 850grms./8.8 lbs.

The placenta was out at 10:38pm. She only lost 200cc of blood. We gave the patient a 10 “u” pitocin as prophylaxis because considering she is multipara and had a big baby, she had a high risk for bleeding.
Present at birth: me, Grace E, JJ & Celeste C
1st stage – 18 hrs 30 mins
2nd stage – 15 mins
3rd stage – 04 mins
Admitted – 3 hrs 40 mins

Birth story#4

Friday, October 30th, 2009

My 114th birth handled (293rd birth present) 4/28/00

My patient Rosario O., 26 y.o, 40 3/7 weeks AOG, G1P0, came in with her husband Rodnie at 8:26 am, I did an IE she was only 1-2 cm, 70% effeaced, +1-+2 station. I advised her to walk around and a great time.

At 12:45pm, she wanted to have another IE so I did one. She was only 3 cm but very stretchy cervix, I tried to spread my fingers to somehow help it stretch more, she dilated to 6cm. I did manual dilation of the cervix. It is only possible if the cervix is very stretchy and making sure the cervix will not lacerate.
At 1:29pm, she was already 9cm, I let her to her left and right side lying alternately as it will help the cervix to open and at the same time it will help her not to focus on pushing before the perfect time to push.

She wanted to push. There was no progress. I did an AROM (artificial rupture of membranes) to help her progress with thick meconium stain which is not good. It signifies that the baby was already very distressed inside. Of course before doing it, I made sure that the presenting part was already +1 or more station to prevent cord prolapsed.

After knowing that there was a meconium stain, the suction machine was prepared to suction the baby’s nose and mouth when the head is out before the baby cries to prevent the baby from aspirating the meconium to his lungs. When the head was out we suctioned the baby and continued suctioning after the baby was out at 2:01pm. We got a lot of meconium visible in the suction tube and in the suction bottle. The baby was so cute. Her name is Nathalie Jhelan, with apgar score 9/10, weighed 2987 grm./6.9 lbs. Praise God everything went well.

The placenta was out at 2:04pm with a gush of blood. We massaged and injected 10”U” pitocin to stop the bleeding. She lost 450cc of blood. She had a 2nd degree laceration on perineum and labia and I sutured her. It felt so great to be a part of the birth. Present at birth: me, Carla Snyder, Ana Tipan
P.S. I also deliver’s second baby on 4/25/01.
1st stage – 14 hrs 56 mins
2nd stage – 5 mins
3rd stage – 3 mins
Admitted – 4 hrs 54 mins

Birth story #3

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

M113th birth handled 4/25/00

My patient Helen T. 29 y.o, 39 weeks AOG, G5P4, came in the clinic with her husband Jose at around 10:25 pm. I checked her in and did an IE, she was only 2cm, 60% effaced, no bag of water felt. The fetal heart tones heard most loudly in the LUQ (left upper quadrant). I was so sure thought that when I did an IE I felt the baby’s head. The patient was so very sweet. She was always smiling at me even she has contractions.

At 2:00am she wanted to have another IE, so I did one and was 4cm, 80% effaced. She was doing fundal pressure every contractions with herself even I told her not to as it can hurt the baby. After a while she felt her legs shaking and I though she was already fully but to my dismay she was only 6cm.

So I take a nap on the couch for a while then after 12 minutes Ate Toinnette shouted my name and I wake up suddenly as if my heart was displaced out of my body. I jumped off from the couch my pens, keys, and thermometers in my pocket were all scattered on the floor. It was good that Grace came to the patient’s cubicle first and saw that the head was already coming so she supported it with her bare hand. When I arrived the baby’s head was already out so I suddenly put on my gloves. There was a single loose nuchal cord so I slipped in on the baby’s shoulder. Then the baby was out very fast at 3:02 am, a very cute baby boy named Jessie, with apgar score 9/9, weighed 2700 grms/6 lbs.

The placenta was out at 3:08am, with only 50cc estimated blood loss. No laceration. Everything was normal no problems. Praise God. After they were settled, I felt tired because you know what happen after the adrenaline rush. I tried not to think that I was kind of a negligent nurse/midwife but it was good that we had a good team.
Present at birth : me, Tionnette R, Grace E.
1st stage – 5 hrs
2nd stage – 2 mins
3rd stage – 6 mins
Admitted – 3 hrs 08 mins

Busy shift

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I am the only supervisor left in the birth room because all of the other staff and students were out for the graduation ceremony. I worked with people that I do know except for one. We were six of us but only one who has experience how to deliver babies. It was a little bit of hard because I don’t know the people that I am working with. But everyone was doing their best to work and take care of the patients. There were 2 labors and postpartum patients endorsed to us. I delegated the 2 labors. One patient delivered normally after a long time of pushing. The other one had BOW rupture with no progress so she was transported right before the shift change. Then there was a patient who came in active labor with the urge to push. I was the next up so I delivered the baby. She delivered her baby 5 minutes after arriving at the clinic. The baby was crying but was very blue for how many minutes. We administered oxygen to him and suctioned but still continued to be cyanotic all over the body. We were about to transport the baby to the hospital but after few minutes the baby’s color slowly became pinkish. It was a very weird situation because the baby was crying loudly. He was breastfeeding good. Then after that there was no episode where the baby became cyanotic. Before discharging them, I advised the parents to check their baby with a doctor to make sure that everything is normal in his heart. The patient came after 3 days for the baby check-ups and said that the baby had a check up with the paediatrician and everything is well.6/09/09