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Early morning serenade

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Today is my sister’s 38th birthday and we thank God for giving other year and for sparing her life! Without the celebrant’s knowing we contacted some of our church members to serenade on her birthday and it was successful! She was awaken by a birthday songs with a sweet sound of melody of angus young played by our church guitarist and we made her happy! After the singing we had a short meditation and gave our wishes and bible verses for her! And of course we had a coffee to warm up our stomach plus the cake we prepared for her.

Expected date of delivery

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Im now on my 31st week that means I am already near to my expected date of delivery! I still have a month and half before the big day! I am excited but nervous in the same time! The pain on my ist delivery still fresh on my mind and it was the most painful encounter that I experienced but it was all paid off after a healthy baby girl was born! I know God will never leave me during that time now on my incoming delivery! I entrusted to Him everything! I know He is in control! How amazingly to feel my baby’s kick,punch, acrobats and some unexplained movement that only mothers can feel and I prasie God for such a miraculous masterpiece! Oh God I cant do it without your devine interventions!