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Perineal repair

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

I worked swing shift today. I worked with runny nose and teary eyes because of allergies. I ate chicken. We had two births. One of our patients bled a lot. She lost 1200cc of blood because of bleeders from the perineal laceration. It was hard to find the bleeders. I managed to clamp it with haemostat. I found 3 bleeders so I put 3 hemostat in their. I sutured the patient right away. Actually, I was not the one who supervised the birth but the other supervisor asked to do it. We gave Intravenous fluids. Before the patient delivered we already noticed that she had a previous laceration that was not sutured. Some of the parts are not already aligned and there were already growth tissues. In other words, it looked like she already had 10 babies instead of two.I offered a free vaginal repair if she wants to. It is so expensive when you have it. I haven’t do vaginal repair yet but I saw and observed the doctor did it 3 times. The patient agreed. But God’s grace, I was able to repair her vaginal great. I felt so happy that it was successful. The patient, mother and the husband of the patient were so glad. After I am done with the repair another labor came just right before endorsement.6/11/09

For the first time

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I worked clinic today. I was at home. I woke up 5am to travel back to the place I work. I was very tired because of helping and assisting my sister’s wedding yesterday. My feet really hurt from standing for a long time. I was glad that I was able to sleep in the bus. There were a lot of new patients came for their initial prenatal check ups. One patient made me laugh. There is a question in the form that asks about the family planning used. She wrote there they used contraceptive pills and add a comment that says “our family plans to save money to build our own house”. For 10 years of working, it was my first time to encounter that answer.6/29/09

Boring shift

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I worked swing shift. There no labouring patient so we just chatted and spent quality time with our team. I like to have quite shift but not all the time. It is so tiring to do nothing. It feels like the eight hours shift takes forever. Unlike when there are patients, you can’t even notice the time. At the end of the shift, you feel fulfilled of helping patients.6/30/09

High FHT

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

I am on night shift today. I had time to rest and celebrate my friend’s birthday at their house before my shift. I was able to sleep about 3 hours before working. I felt refreshed and ready for the night. There was only one continuity patient endorsed to us from the swing shift. It was a Serena’s patient. She was not on shift but it was her patient so she will be taking care of the patient. The patient was 3 cm when the IE was done. An hour before our shift began, the baby’s heartbeat started to go up to more 160 per minute. The normal range of FHT is 120-160. The patient was monitored frequently but there were times the heart rate reached to 197, 180s. We administered oxygen to the patient and inserted an IVF (intravenous fluids) and put the patient on left side lying. Even after all the things we did still the FHT still high. It is called fetal tachycardia. The patient’s bag of water was already broken just few hours ago with meconium stain. When there is already a meconium staining, it means the baby is in some degree of distress. So we decided to transport the patient to the hospital. The patient was transported about 11:30pm.
After that action, we slept until 20 minutes before endorsement.
The next day, the patient informed Serena through text that she delivered normally and that the baby was doing well. Thanks God. 7/01/09

Working on Independence day

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Today is our Independence Day. I worked swing shift with Ana, Serena, Stefanie. I received a labor who is G1P0 whose Bow was already leaking. She was advised to do nipple stimulation to induce contractions and to take castor oil. Serena transported 2 labor patients to the hospital because of breech position of the baby and the other one was already overdue. Ermie was so nice to do my remaining 3 hours of work in order for me to go home. I arrived home at 1opm.6/12/09

Two babies born

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

I worked Day shift. I do not like to work morning shift because you really need to get up early. Our shift begins at 6am and it ends 2pm. But I do like it though because the time runs so fast unlike other shifts the time runs so slow. We had one patient who is G2P2. I checked my patient that I delivered the other day and did the mother and baby check-up. Everything was normal. I also did Newborn screening. There was another patient who gave birth with Serena and Heather.