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Ask Him completely

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

If we are happy of what we are doing then our hearts are fulfilled and satisfied. I am a nurse by profession but never practice; I am always thankful to God for placed and settle me in a big hospital. My salary is bigger than when I was a nurse. I considered it as a blessing from God. I knew He put all things together in order, one thing we needed is just drew near to Him and ask Him to completely work over your life. Surely you won’t be disappointed.

He works over our lives

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

You know, by my experienced, I’ve realized awesome and powerful is our God if we will allow Him to work over our life. I noticed when we are more passionate in God’s service; more committed unto Him, more reliable unto Him and positively embraced the faith of being His child the more Satan also intervenes and clouding our lives. Satan wants to destroy our life because he knew if Christian’s life will be broken no one outside will believe Jesus. We are the bearer of Christ name and therefore we have to take care of it. We have strength and weaknesses but I knew God is in our side. I will just hold his name and trust Him; I knew we will do the rest for I can do all things through Christ who gave me strength. Thank you Lord.

Clarity in music

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Clarity, mastery and unity while playing musical instruments together. Mastery in the sense that a piece of songs played are well practice, the melody also is very important seeing that all together are united while playing. Clarity is a vital part to make the sound mixing in harmony, meaning the sound of instruments must be balance with each other, euphonium mutes, mixer and other gadgets may use to balance the sounds produce.

Early marraige

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

I just saw a video about a 10 year old child who forced to marry a 26 year old man by her parents in exchange of 2,000 dollars  in one of social networking site. I really don’t understand whats happening in the world now. I remember when I was 10, all I did was playing and doing my assignments in school and nothing else. Maybe it’ s part of their culture but I don’t really agree on it. Physically, emotionally and mentally that little girl obviously not yet prepared for that responsibility and everything about marriage. This reminds me of my precious daughter, I wont do anything that would destroy her and her future. As a parents we are here to support her all the way.

I’m not mistaken

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

I’m a nurse and my hubby is a pastor, not to be proud I got looks and heights, I even crowned as Ms. beautiful during my teens life, for you to know I had so many suitors and most of them are professionals possessed big names in the city, but you know what? I still chose my hubby to be with me forever not just because he feared God and serve Him as a pastor of a church but you know what? He is amiable, he looks great and charming, I always saw him bringing and using floid products even today. I knew I’m not mistaken and I’m always praying that God will always makes us together till the He comes. Till death do us part my gang. Promise!!!