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We should know

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

While playing my guitar in my garden somebody asked me, where can I buy a brand new with quality guitar like yours? I smiled and said, you must try to visit guitar center seattle and there you can find a lot. You know as a musician and a guitarist we should know the best guitar for us. It helps a lot in music because sound produce are good compared to some local and cheap guitars. How about you? What are you waiting for?

Change of work assignment

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

When my superior told me that I was chosen to be one of the staffs that would be transferred to other department from processing of philhealth benifits and claims to cashiering, i really dont know how to react or say for never came up on my mind that I will be the one since I am pregnant and I am a nurse decided to forget my profession and work in an office and then now to cashiering? Even though our head told us that there will be staff under her supervision to be pulled out but I dont really anticipate that I will be the one since I have lot of collegues that has an accounting degree and they are more fit to the work. I really dont know whats the basis of the big bosses in chosing us.

Though a lot of questions bothered on my mind, somehow I was convinced that being the one chosen for, it is a good inidcation that i am flexible enough and they saw my potential and maybe candidate for promotion someday! I just see the positive side of it though it is hard to accept at first but I learned to embrace it because whether i like it or not I dont have the chance to refuse it. I just think that for my family I will go for it!

I prayed to God, I know He has a purpose for these and later on I know I wil discover and answer to my question why?

When I resumed to work after 2days off duty, my head surprised me that she fight us not to be transferred to cashier since we already develop expertise in our present work and suddenly we will be pulled out? the work flow surely be paralyzed and affected. Now, there is 80% that we will be retained but we are still waiting for the final memo to be out of the medical chief and hoping I am not included in there.

I am not in the position to complain but a lot of changes in my daily routine will be changed if ever and the number one is the time. Now I only have the normal 8-5 office hour work if transferred I will embrace the shifting schedule, the very difficult one! We already planned with hubby on how to manage our time. I think I need to know how to drive this time so he wont drive me to work anymore especially on my night duty. Our daughter will never be left alone at night or maybe we wil get a helper or we called it ‘yaya’. But I think God never allow these!

God is indeed working! When that time that I almost gave up and accept my new assignment, he is finding a way! God is helping me in times like these! God is faithful and forever will be! Now I am waiting for the final memo and I hoping for the best result! Thank you Lord!

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Monday, January 4th, 2016

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