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Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Its Sunday, a family day and a day of worship to our God almighty, unfortunately, I’m tired and exhausted. I got my back pains and headaches. Satan really tried his best to tempt Gods children in honoring Him. Lord forgive me and give me nice rest so I can continue my doings in pleasing you Lord. By the way is temptation a sin against God? for sure Its a big no, because this is Satan’s mission to tempt Gods children in doing out His own will, but if we are tempted that is considered a big sin. God give us free will to choose. if we do His will blessings follow but if not bad consequences will be there. Lord help us and guide us not to be tempted. Thank you lord.

Moody day

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Today I do not feel good. I was moody. I do not know why but may be due to hormonal changes. Lol. Anyways, someone got me to insert an IV (intravenous) to the patient. I prayed that God would still help me to insert it successfully even I am not in the mood. God really did not disappointment. I got it in one try. To God be the glory.

Called for IV insertion

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I was once again called up in the middle of the night to insert an IV to a laboring patient. The staff in the Lying clinic where I worked before needed help for it. So I went there and of course, I prayed and ask God to guide my hand and be able to insert the IV cannula successfully in one try since the patient had couple of poke already. God did answered my prayer. I was able to insert it without any problems. I used to insert it in the cephalic vein. I like that site because it big compare to the other veins. At the same time, it is not hard for the patient since she can move her hand without dislodging the IV cannula. There is no need for a splint which make her hand immobile.
The laboring patient needs to be induced for her labor did not progress so I she needs one so that medication will be given to her via IVTT (intravenous through tubing). After the insertion I went back home feeling good about myself that I was able to help someone.

My bro’s bday

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Today is my youngest brother’s b-day. He just turned 15 years old today. We prepared a food for his celebration. I really love him a lot. He is our youngest. I was the one caring for him when he was still very young when my mom was not around. We have a close bond with him. I could not imagine he is already 15. It seems like it was only yesterday that he was running around and making funny stuff as a toddler but now he already a teenager. I am thank to God for giving him another year of his life. I wish that God will bless him more this year and the He will grant the desires of my bro’s heart. I wish he will finish his studies and be of of good health always.

Called for IV insertion

Monday, January 5th, 2009

iv-class-034 I was called the other night to insert and IV (intravenous) insertion. The patient really needed an IV so that the Induction of labor be started. The staff of the Lying In Clinic were not successful of inserting an IV so they called me up. I was almost ready to sleep when I received the call. I am very much willing to help them when they need to. I was praying that God would bless my hand to let me insert the dextrose successfully in just one poke. It felt a little bit stress because, somehow I doubted myself a little though I already done many insertions. I do not want to poke the patient twice since the patient had been poke like thrice with their try. It would be so shameful if I do not do it successful since they expected me to make it. I really prayed hard that God will help me with it. God answered my prayers. I did it successful in just one try. To God be the glory.