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Always be the best

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Having children are very challenging, excited and fulfilling. I have two lovely daughters and both of them are beautiful and I saw some interesting behaviors especially with my eldest one. She is turning six next week and I felt something on her. I remember I was able to read notes from her telling us that hoping she will be given more time than her little sister. Oh how sweet. I knew our time to be with are very limited but one thing I will gonna make sure for you, it will always be the best time together, love you my dear.

Must be loved more and more.

Monday, November 30th, 2015

I noticed most of the families around this way. The husband job would be the main source of the family income; he is responsible for their needs, while the wife is responsible for the housekeeping, management and the children. Unknowingly because of its nature the wives are sometimes missing treated and never appreciated by the husband. To tell you, my hubby said to me, the wives should be worthy of double honor by the husband. He told me, his foot now is in my shoes and it’s not easy. Wives must be loved more and more.