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Embarassing moment

Friday, March 6th, 2009

There was a very embarrassing moment happened to me after our hospital orientation that only God and I knew about it. It was my little secret but not now. I want to share it with you cause I think it is kind of funny now since it is already a history but during the actual time it was not. Well, I was not aware that the right strap of bra was slid into my right arm. I was riding a motorcycle when I noticed it. I tried to fix it but I can’t. I was planning to go to the mall to buy something but of course I changed my plan to going home straight from the hospital. I laughed hard when I reached home. Actually I wonder how many people noticed it. It was very obvious since I was wearing a nursing type C uniform.

The orientation day

Monday, February 16th, 2009

I woke up early this morning for our general hospital orientation for the hospital where we will be having our training. I was so excited that even though I set the alarm, I woke up few times and checked of the time just in case my alarm did not went off.
I arrive in there just on time. While waiting for the speakers, I met two nurses and we become friends. It felt so good to see the facilities of the hospital. It is the hospital were we had our affiliation when we were still nursing students. It did have great progress for ten years. Of course for the span of time it is expected to improve. We will start our duty in 3 days. I am excited already though it will be hard and tiring. I will not mind it as long as I can serve people and learn a lot at the same time.