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They may wonder

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The people around us may wonder why somebody’s perception and personal realization about serving God are different with one another. The very reason is our personal conviction and motivation why a lot of Gods servant spent a lot of time and effort for expanding Gods kingdom. Other also may misinterpret of what we are doing, might be they accused us of being over acting of what we have but for me I think it is just a response of what God had done in our life. Might be others will mock us or might judge us that what we have done are just temporary, but in reality it is how God wanted us to be, we just responded in His call.

Feeling professional singer

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

We like to sing, right? The tradition of our family is that every time there’s an affair or any activity or occasion in the house we usually include videok in the preparation, we have to make sure that our sound system is strong and good for this is the time that we do contest just for the family. To tell you, our wp-100 helps a lot because even me, honestly speaking my voice is not really good but when I’m at home singing I felt I’m a professional..

Big things are coming

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

I’m working at Davao Regional Hospital for more than two years already and I felt great and honored being part of PHIC team. For most of the time I spent monies and time to give gifts to my hubby and daughter as will as to my parents, brothers and sisters. Now I think I need to offer gifts for my self and my hubby told me that I deserved for it. So I bought a brand new Iphone 6plus and a brand new Baby-G watch. I felt great of what I have seeing things I have right now from a hard work. I knew big things are coming.