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5th Birth Handle 02/10/99

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Florlyn M., 28 y.o, G2P2, delivered baby boy “ “Georyl” at 2:43am, 3289 grms, apgar score 8/9, 150 cc EBl, delivered by LP, VG, DD, with patient’s sister. # 1674

I really admired Florlyn because she did so well. She was always smiling although her labor. She accompanied by her sister Berna. The placenta was out at 2:48am with only minimal blood loss. She had a 1st degree laceration though that DD sutured.
1st stage = 10 hr 25 min
2nd stage = 18 min
3rd stage = 05 min
Total admission = 05 hr

Vitamin A needs for one-year-old

Friday, June 19th, 2009

At 12 months, the child’s color vision is still maturing. So as he moves from milk to table food, make sure that he gets the right amount of Vitamin A. Make sure that the food gives the child the proper nutrition for child’s growing needs. So that your baby can view his world in full Technicolor. For perfect vision, your one-year-old needs 4 times more vitamin A than you.

A huge Uterine myoma

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I work in a Lying in Maternity center for 3 months. I stopped working because of my other plans. Though I am not already connected with that institution, I make myself available to them when they need help. Today I was called for they need help in delivering a suspected twins. When I arrived in the clinic, the first baby was already out. The patients abdomen is still very big, and when we palpate it, it felt like there was another baby inside the womb. I did and IE (Internal examination) the cervix is 5cm open, but I could not feel baby’s head or any body parts because it was still very high up. I checked the FHT (fetal heart tones) with a doppler but I could not hear anything. I was confused then and worried because if there was still another baby inside, it must be dead already. So we decided to call our back physician. She brought with her an ultrasound. To our surprise, what was in her womb was not a baby, it’s a huge myoma (a growth in the uterus). God is so good to her for it did not obstruct the baby or choke the baby. She was on medication and on under observation for 3 months and will evaluated if she needs surgery.