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Breech delivery

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Our shift was very busy. We had 4 patients in labor. Ater the 2 patients delivered their babies, there was another patient who came in labor that wanted to push right away. It Miss P who is up so I let her know that she has a patient. I helped her set up the birth but when the patient started to push, she saw a hand coming out. When I look at it, it wa not a hand, it was a foot and a butt. She immediately said that we will not be able to handle this birth, so I took over. The patient was pushing and when the body was out, it was hard for me to reach for the hands. But thanks God for giving me wisdom and strength to get the baby out. We were ready for Neonatal resuscitation but the baby only needs a little stimulation and oxygen. Then the baby cried and was breastfeeding good. To God be the glory. It was scary but everything went well. The baby only weighed 2,400 grams. It was one of the shift that we do not expect complicated things.