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Facts about malaria

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

In many Asian countries there are a lot of cases of malaria. I knew some people who have malaria. Malaria is caused by tiny parasites that grow in the red blood cells. They can multiply 10 times every two days and invade new cells. Eventually they may cause fever or more severe illness such as anaemia or coma.
• Malaria parasites are spread by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito.
• There are four types of malaria parasites. P. Falciparum is the most dangerous type which causes cerebral malaria. P. Vivax cause a milder type of malarial. The other two malaria parasites (P. Ovale and P. Malariae) are less common.
• Children under five and pregnant women are most at risk of death from malaria.
The Department of Health in the countries where malaria is prevalent are doing their best to prevent people from having malaria. Clean surrounding is still the best way to prevent it for mosquitoes do not dwell in clean areas. People like missionaries should take some antimalarial drugs. The use of some mosquito lotion and the use of mosquito net are also good protection.