Nicole Kidman Wants To Connect Daughter With Surrogate

Woman’s Day magazine is reporting that Nicole Kidman recently set up a “meet and greet” with her daughter Faith, six, and the surrogate that carried her. The surrogate, nicknamed “Auntie Sheila”, is said to have visited the family at their Nashville home, and apparently had a very emotional meeting with Nicole. The visit was set up after what sources are calling a lot of “soul searching” by Nicole since Faith was born.

The 49 year old beauty has been very vocal about her love of motherhood, and has said in the past that she would love to add to her family, perhaps by fostering a child. She has admitted that her grandmother gave birth to her mother at age 49, so she has held out the “faintest hope” that something might happen to her this year! Nicole has also spoken about how blessed she is to have gotten to experience so many different types of mothering.

The actress has two adopted children, and two daughters with Keith Urban, one of whom she gave birth to, and one who was carried by a surrogate. Still, Nicole admits that she would love a baby, however one might come along, revealing “children are the joy of my life!” Love her! We hope that Nicole and Keith get to have at least one more baby in some way, since they seem to really genuinely love being parents!

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