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Happy 23rd Birthday Ford

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Its our youngest brother’ birthday yesterday! We are so happy of what he is now and what he still be going to become in the future. We can see that he is growing maturely and has great life’s accomplishments. Though he experienced pain and heartaches but he stood up again and became stronger! Boy please know that we love you so dearly and we are always here for you! Please take good care of your health always and don’t forget to pray everytime you feel discourage and alone! As what Ate have quoted ‘ continue to fly high and let God be your captain’. We believe in you boy, your talents, skills and determinations in life. Use that to fight life’s challenges as you walk your life’s journey here on earth. Happy 23rd birthday our once little boy but now no more!

My parents house

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

My parents house in located beside a local church and sometimes very annoying to hear a very loud sounds brought by ba 115 musics plus the out of tuned voices. Everyday they have a practice and we already got disturbed. We give much respect to the church but sometimes they have practice very late in the evening where everybody is already sleeping that is why my sister is talking to them about the issue and hopefully they will minimize the sounds.

So proud of her

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

For the first time I saw my daughter receiving her prize with medal when she won in a solo contest in school! And I think this will be her first step to becoming a good singer someday! As parents we are so very proud of her! She didnt excel in the class but she excel in singing field. We are more than happy! Our main project is to buy her a sound system set so she can practice at home, if only we are near in midlothian va but we can order online though. I hope we can provide her with that and she will be trained to be a good a great singer!

Bless me Lord

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

There’s a time to plant and a time for harvest. Everything are sets in God’s perfect timing. I desired a better future for my family, a happy life and a happy living. A simple life that follows the will of God. I know most of us longed for it because we wanted of what is best for us. Lord you know what I longed for and I felt now is a perfect timing. Bless me Lord.

Who would have think?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

‘Do not boast about tomorrow for you dont know what’s it bring’. A passage in the Bible that I read. Yes its very true, only God knows about our tomorrow, all we need to do is to pray for our future. Who would have think that my sister’s high school mate and co band member who played the brass instrument list is her husband now, my sister was once a majorette and her husband now is her long time crush way back. We can never know what God has prepared and planned for us. One thing is for sure God is making the best future for you and for me but of course we need to work and pray for it.

Breastfeeding baby

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

My baby who is 18days old today can now left her head when position to prone, she can change her head from left to right. Is it too early for her to do that? I am happy to know that my baby is doing great and healthy. Though its very tiring for me but just one smile from her thats enough for me to do my job as a mother for a day. I see to it that she can get what she needs from me. To breastfeed a baby is not easy but I feel so satisfied to see her growing fast and healthy. Breastmilk is the best! Thank you Lord for giving a lot of milk supply in me!

Early morning serenade

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Today is my sister’s 38th birthday and we thank God for giving other year and for sparing her life! Without the celebrant’s knowing we contacted some of our church members to serenade on her birthday and it was successful! She was awaken by a birthday songs with a sweet sound of melody of angus young played by our church guitarist and we made her happy! After the singing we had a short meditation and gave our wishes and bible verses for her! And of course we had a coffee to warm up our stomach plus the cake we prepared for her.

Expected date of delivery

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Im now on my 31st week that means I am already near to my expected date of delivery! I still have a month and half before the big day! I am excited but nervous in the same time! The pain on my ist delivery still fresh on my mind and it was the most painful encounter that I experienced but it was all paid off after a healthy baby girl was born! I know God will never leave me during that time now on my incoming delivery! I entrusted to Him everything! I know He is in control! How amazingly to feel my baby’s kick,punch, acrobats and some unexplained movement that only mothers can feel and I prasie God for such a miraculous masterpiece! Oh God I cant do it without your devine interventions!

Change of work assignment

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

When my superior told me that I was chosen to be one of the staffs that would be transferred to other department from processing of philhealth benifits and claims to cashiering, i really dont know how to react or say for never came up on my mind that I will be the one since I am pregnant and I am a nurse decided to forget my profession and work in an office and then now to cashiering? Even though our head told us that there will be staff under her supervision to be pulled out but I dont really anticipate that I will be the one since I have lot of collegues that has an accounting degree and they are more fit to the work. I really dont know whats the basis of the big bosses in chosing us.

Though a lot of questions bothered on my mind, somehow I was convinced that being the one chosen for, it is a good inidcation that i am flexible enough and they saw my potential and maybe candidate for promotion someday! I just see the positive side of it though it is hard to accept at first but I learned to embrace it because whether i like it or not I dont have the chance to refuse it. I just think that for my family I will go for it!

I prayed to God, I know He has a purpose for these and later on I know I wil discover and answer to my question why?

When I resumed to work after 2days off duty, my head surprised me that she fight us not to be transferred to cashier since we already develop expertise in our present work and suddenly we will be pulled out? the work flow surely be paralyzed and affected. Now, there is 80% that we will be retained but we are still waiting for the final memo to be out of the medical chief and hoping I am not included in there.

I am not in the position to complain but a lot of changes in my daily routine will be changed if ever and the number one is the time. Now I only have the normal 8-5 office hour work if transferred I will embrace the shifting schedule, the very difficult one! We already planned with hubby on how to manage our time. I think I need to know how to drive this time so he wont drive me to work anymore especially on my night duty. Our daughter will never be left alone at night or maybe we wil get a helper or we called it ‘yaya’. But I think God never allow these!

God is indeed working! When that time that I almost gave up and accept my new assignment, he is finding a way! God is helping me in times like these! God is faithful and forever will be! Now I am waiting for the final memo and I hoping for the best result! Thank you Lord!

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